How Can You Protect Your Home from Theft and Fire?

There are few different ways you can provide added security to your home and in today’s world this is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. In the modern age burglaries and break-ins are a fact of life and it if you don’t protect yourself adequately against them then you could become a victim. Equally as important is protection against fire in the home. Nothing devastates quite like a house fire and it doesn’t take long for the damage to be done. Protecting your home and family against theft and fire are both absolutely vital.

Protection against theft

Burglar and intruder alarms are one way in which you can bring added security into your home. There are a few different types available. An open circuit alarm is the most basic type of alarm. When a window or door is opened into a house, the circuit is completed and the alarm sounds. They can be overridden easily by cutting the wire to prevent the circuit from completing. A closed circuit alarm works in the opposite way as the circuit is broken once the perimeter line is crossed. These are much harder to override and are a popular type of alarm throughout the UK and beyond. There are a variety of motion sensor alarms available too. These can be set up within the house and can include radar-based motion detectors that rely on irregular wave patterns to know when an intruder is present, a photo-sensor motion detector that use beams of light as triggers around the house and even infrared alarms that use the detection of body heat to raise the alarm.

If you want to go even further with your security in the home then CCTV cameras are the best route to take. These provide the very highest levels of security in the home, especially when you would like to read more used in conjunction with motion sensor alarms within the house. CCTV systems and cameras act as an excellent deterrent to intruders who certainly do not want to be filmed whilst staging a break in. There are wireless cameras available which are perfect for situating in hidden corners and places that are difficult to spot. There are even dummy varieties available to be used purely as deterrents. Domed cameras are also popular as they can be seen but it is impossible for anyone to know which way the camera is pointing. Video entry phones are another good way of increasing security in the home as this prevents you opening the door to strangers.

Protecting against fire

When it comes to ensure the home is protected against the possibility of a fire, the first measures to take are installing smoke alarms throughout the house. There should be one in each room and one on every landing too. The alarms should be tested every month and spare batteries kept on hand at all times.

There are more advanced fire protection systems available if you wish to go further than a standard fire alarm. Fire sprinkler systems not only detect if a fire is present but start releasing water if there is. These have been known to save a house or building as well as the people inside through this early intervention.

Whatever your budget, investing in theft and fire protection is important at home and in the workplace. It will bring with it peace of mind that everything and everyone are safe.

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Home has always been considered a haven from the ills of life in the big bad world, but it is not without its own dangers. While fire is already a leading concern when it comes to safety, with a vast range of smoke detectors available on the market, there is more than fire and smoke to worry about.

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