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It's a fact, banks have been irresponsibly lending and in 2007, this came to fruition and resulted in the financial crisis. What does this mean in relation to the property market in the UK? One obvious result is that banks are much less risk averse i.e. it's no longer 'easy' to get a mortgage.

This has an obvious impact on both the 'buyer' and the 'seller', as less people are able to obtain mortgages meaning demand decreases while supply has stayed fairly static. Basic supply and demand suggests that when supply exceeds demand the price of the product (in this case, houses) will decrease.

From a sellers point of view this means they have to make their home stand out (in a good way) to win the hearts of potentials buyer/s. So make your house look as presentable as possible. Problem with the shower, look at the showers supplied by Bathsource , anything you can do to make the property more 'sellable' (within financial reason), do it.  

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